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Salem Addis Ababa

17 Jul

I woke up this morning to the sounds or a busy Bole road and arrived at breakfast for a hot, sweet macchiato. It can only mean one thing, back in Addis Ababa. I spent two months here last year and it’s great to be back. But this time, my stay will be a brief one. Tomorrow I will travel south, down the rift valley to meet with communities of farmers and continue my documentary project.

Its reasonably cold here. It’s rainy season, and although none has fallen since we landed late last night, when the rain comes it falls hard and heavy. Addis Ababa is one of the highest cities in the world. The altitude proved itself when exiting the airport last night, a fellow travellor dropped his lighter and it instantly exploded! Quite extraordinary.

So I have a day to catch up with friends and re-focus after a fun day in Nairobi yesterday. I’m looking forward to finding out about the progress Ethiopia has made with mobile networks, and how this is affecting the farmers, many of whom live out of reach of mobile signal. I’m hoping to incorporate the very topical issue of food security and ‘drought’, and find out how farmers think that their mobile phones might help them as rains become increasingly unreliable.

I’m looking froward to a busy week…