This page is devoted to providing more detail on projects using mobile technology, some of which I will be featuring in my documentary.

Send A Cow have been helping famillies in Africa to grow their own food and to develop small businesses for over twenty years. They work in seven sub-saharan countries in Africa, providing specialised training, support, animals and seeds to local people. Their aim is to help people to make their own way out of poverty.

I re-visited two Send A Cow projects in central Ethiopia. You can read about some of the farmers that I met on the Guardian online (and see their photos which I took!)

Send A Cow’s US based partners operate in Kenya and across the world to help famillies improve their health and nutrition and start sustainable forms of income through agriculture.

I visited farmers working with Heifer International in Kakamega in Kenya.

Frontline SMS provide free software, downloadable from the internet anywhere in the world, to organisations and groups who want to text many people at the same time. Their blog is fascinating, as is founder Ken Banks’ Kiwanja

I visited a project using FrontlineSMS software to send information to sugar cane farmers near Mumias in Kenya.

Using the core technology of FrontlineSMS, Frontline Radio is developing the means for radio producers to communicate with their audience via text messaging alone.

In Nairobi I met the producer of Kenya’s ‘Organic Farmer’ agricultural radio programme.


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