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The hand in

19 Sep

I’ve always had pre-hand in nerves. Today was no exception. Check
it, check it again, find an insignificant double space or weak choice of word,
go back to the start and check it again. Until finally, you pluck up the
courage to part with the product of hours of concentration and procrastination
and submit. That pretty much sums up today’s hand in. – The written
evaluation of my documentary and the production process that went along with

Being an ex-literature student, I enjoy analysing. Forget a
difficult Sudoku or a word search, give me a bit of Keats or a couple of
sonnets, and I will underline, highlight and annotate until my heart’s content.
But analysing Aid20 was different. I found it exceptionally hard to focus my
thoughts. The documentary has consumed so much of my time and so many of my
thoughts this year that 5000 words just didn’t seem to be enough to put it all
into words. However, with lots of subtitles and heavy editing (and re-editing)
I’ve finally submitted what I hope is a comprehensive analysis of the entire
process, and only a few words over the 5000 guide.

So the coursework is complete. All that remains is for me to
polish off the additions to the audiovisual areas of this website.

Almost… I hope that this won’t be the end. Far from it. I will
endeavour to continue blogging about my findings and new developments. I’ll
also be adding to the content that’s available here.

Once it’s tweaked, I aim to make my radio documentary available
online if anyone should want to give it a listen. I’m not done quite yet!